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Bladder infections

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:31 am
by Kcawley
I am new to this site so I am not sure how to work it. I have been using Catheters now for 9 years and have had many bladder infections. The Doctor had me on Hiprex a antibiotic to try and keep them at bay. Well, now she doesn’t know what to do and I am scared. I have a bladder infection monthly now and the antibiotic apparently isn’t working anymore. Has anyone else had or has this problem? I need someone to give me some good advice.

Re: Bladder infections

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:08 pm
by Bob1974
I've been using catheters for over 20 years due to a spinal cord injury I had at age 24. UTIs were very common over the years. A couple years ago they were so frequent and getting so bad that I started leaking when I would get one and struggled to hold in any pee in. As soon as I went pee I felt like I had to go again and frequently which would make the UTIs worse going more frequently. It was pretty traumatizing and I had to abruptly leave work a couple times because I had pissed my pants. Not cool! Each time I went to get it checked out by a doctor they would usually give me a prescription for Cipro for 5 days that would help but seems like I was right back to leaking again within a few weeks. My primary doctor told me that i must have something going on and said I needed to see a urologist. I went to a urologist a buddy suggested and was not impressed at all with him as he was probably the 4th or 5th urologist I had since I was 24 and could easily tell he was worthless. I decided to research urologists by reading reviews and found a guy who has become my hero. He performed a scope up inside me to see what was going on and found a polyp. He then did a procedure that basically reamed me out with some metal instruments and wasn't pleasant and I bleed a bit and he put a balloon catheter in me for a few days to let it heal. A few months and a few UTIs later he was concerned by how many UTIs I was having. He put me on a prescription for Bactrim once a day. I took it almost every day for a few months and I don't think I have had a UTI since. I have a bottle of Bactrim stock piled but have not had to take any in probably a year or so. So happy to not be struggling with UTIs and leaking! Before I started taking Bactrim my urologist told me from the beginning that if I felt like I had a UTI that I should bring in a urine sample anytime to have it tested even without an appointment and provided me a bunch of specimen cups to put urine in. This made it pretty easy to have UTIs addressed when it was an issue except on weekends when his office is closed. Is your doctor a urologist? What size catheter do you use? I use to use a size 16 but I've been using a 14 now for a few years now. Have you tried out different catheter sizes, brands and styles. I prefer the more rigid/stiffer style hydrophilic catheters that basically have dehydrated lube on them that you get wet to make them slick for insertion. I reuse them for a few days before replacing them as I can't afford to have a new catheter every time I pee. I keep one coiled up in sandwich ziploc bag in my pocket for when I'm out of the house and I made catheter holders for beside my bathroom vanities in my house out of a small pieces of aluminum angle stock with a hole drilled in it.