Lofric Wellspect "POBE" material is terrible

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Lofric Wellspect "POBE" material is terrible

Post by Thomas » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:55 am

I used and loved Lofric Astra-tech catheters for years and then I got a new shippment of catheters from my supplier and noticed that they didn't seem the same and were causing some discomfort. I then found out that Lofric changed all it's catheters from PVC to a new material they call POBE which is TERRIBLE! I tried and tried to find some new old stock of the Lofric Astra-tech PVC variety but didn't have any luck. Tried contacting Wellspect and they act like I don't know what I'm doing even though every one I spoke with there does NOT have to self cath and clearly have no where near the years and years experience that I have self cathing numerous times a day. POBE material feels rough compared to PVC and agitates my bladder sphincter and I'd surely get a UTI within a few uses. Supposedly they did a study and think that most users could not tell the differance but that study was surely flawed and probably run or influenced by people who had something to gain by them going with POBE material. I now use Cure HM14 catheters which is the best thing I've found since Lofric went to POBE material but miss how slick the older Lofric Astra-tech catheters were. :cry:
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