Catheter too large!

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Catheter too large!

Post by Lookyzark » Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:24 am

I have had OAB for years. Recently my urologist did a botox procedure. I e had to start cathing since. Everything was going fine until I got a UTI. I took the antibiotics and it went away. Shortly after, i tried a different catheter that was considerably larger and more difficult to enter. Ever since I have had severe pain when I urinate. It feels like my urethra is on fire.

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Re: Catheter too large!

Post by Thomas » Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:42 am

Stop using that new catheter and go back to the old ones. Catheters are not created equally. Some catheters feel rough to me. That burning you're feeling is you getting RAW inside. You're probably going to need antibiotics again? Order some UTI test strips from Amazon to save yourself unnecessary trips to the doctor or to give you the go ahead to go and see a doctor when you test positive. UTIs are very common for folks that have to cath. It's the nature of the beast. If your insurance covers catheters there are a bunch of distributors that will send you a bunch of different free samples to try out to figure out what you like. My favorite to use now are the Cure Cath HM14 but I use to use size 16 for years. I developed some scar tissue that eventually started to get so bad I was having a hard time getting a catheter in. My urologist did some kind of procedure that basically reamed me out(wasn't pleasant) and put a catheter with a balloon in my bladder so it didn't come out that I had to wear for about 4 days. Seems to have helped me a lot. As for your OAB... have you ever tried Toviaz? Toviaz has been a God sent for me and has cut my bathroom trips by more than half. admin

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