epididymitis please help.

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epididymitis please help.

Post by thekon9000 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:45 pm

My right epididymis gets bigger like pea-shaped 60 seconds after ejaculating then goes away after some time. Is this normal? I went to a urologist and he diagnosed me with epididymitis. Then he gave me 2 azithromycins and 28 ciprofloxacin. I felt nothing at the beginning of the prescription, then in the middle, I felt some pain and discomfort, then the pain went away near the end. the urologist examined both my epidotes after the treatment by squeezing gently and said I was fine after he did, but I did feel a slight sharp pain in my right one after he did it. he said ill never feel better if i focus on something like that.

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Re: epididymitis please help.

Post by Bob1974 » Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:16 am

It's usually caused by a bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted disease (STD). I'm hoping it's the bacterial one for you and based on what he prescribed to you it sounds like it was bacteria. I just saw that the bacteria can be passed from one person to the next so if your partner has it perhaps you are continually getting reinfected? If my doc said "ill never feel better if i focus on something like that" I might be looking for a new urologist? Is there some kind of test to know if it's still there? Sometimes that kind of thing is stubborn and takes a bit more love attention and drugs to really kick it to the curb.
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