2 different issues

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2 different issues

Post by junaidali15 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:46 am

1) issue is that whenever i pee i feel pain in head of penis but its sometime less sometime more.. or i think it goes like 1st time low 2nd time more 3rd time more more 4th time more more and at 1 stage it starts from 1st.. i have visited many doctors and they tested urine and also culture nothing in them also my urine mostly comes in 2 lines in start... even i went to one of good hospital in ym country and after all my tests including urine test and culture and some pressure test and ultrasound and also he tested my prostate with finger.. after everything he told me nothing in reports its looks like its ur imagination..

2)issue i have burning sensation and kinda urge to pee after having sex mostly when i drink alcohol or caffiene drink before.. what can be issue??

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Re: 2 different issues

Post by Bob1974 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 11:54 am

Are you going to urologist doctors or general practice family doctors? You need to see a urologist someone who specializes in this kind of thing. Have you been tested for STDs? I'm not a medical professional but sounds to me like you might have some kind of obstruction or partial blockage in your urethra? This could explain the pain and split pee streams. A urologist can put a tiny camera in there to see what is going on and even take a look at your bladder. As for the urgency to pee after sex from alcohol and caffeine, I think it's natural for those things to make you want to pee but sounds like you have something else going on and these things are aggravating it. Perhaps stones? Again I'm not a medical professional and these are wild guesses! How long have you had this problem? What country are you in? If you figure out what this is please come back and tell us what it was so you can help out others that are going through similar issues.
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